So, as a Psychologist, I work with specific industries for maximum impact. Therefore, if you work in the following fields, hit me up.
  • Coaching and Selling Info-products
  • Health and Fitness
  • Mental Health




 Other than having a Bachelors degree in Psychology, I’m also certified in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  I have practised as a coach for the around three years.



Health and Fitness

I’m not one of those guys who are obsessed with bulking or anything- I don’t have a problem with them tho’. However, my fiancee and I take very good care of our physical and mental health. Therefore, every morning we either go for a jog along the beach or hit the gym.

Mental health

Do I need to say more! This is my niche! My bread and butter!
So, if your content isn’t bringing as much traffic as you expect it to- maybe it needs a Psychologist to have a look at it. I can help re-write your whole website/sales funnel to ensure that every piece hooks the human emotions and we can convert those visitors to followers and eventually to leads and clients.