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Boniface is a great addition to my team. He was a content manager for one of my sites. He was responsible for the overall content creation process. This included writing outlines, assigning to writers, managing writers, following up, coordinating with other team members like editors, designer and publisher.
In parallel he was also writing SOPs and updating old ones to make our system scalable at high quality. He was assigned a difficult  niche. He picked up the topic details within a few weeks and started becoming an asset to my business. I would highly recommend him for content manager position in any niche. Boniface is a quick learner. 

Boniface does an excellent job writing content in English. Even though he isn’t a native English speaker he is able to convey ideas well, understands jargon and idioms and good knowledge of the topics he writes on. If you need an affordable content writer he is an excellent choice!

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