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1. Money Doesn’t Discriminate

I started to know that money doesn’t discriminate.

Money doesn’t hate!

Money Doesn’t love one person than the other!

Money doesn’t know your skin colour, your background, your education level. 

Money flows where there is a solution. 

If you are a solution provider, money will flow towards you.”  By Bedros Keuilian


In my local community, there is a saying that goes “ Bura yuraga iriaini.” The saying loosely means, the rain only rains in the ocean. The deeper meaning is that money only flows where there is more money.


The above saying and others keep the poor with a scarcity mentality believing that the only people who can amass wealth are the rich people. This attitude keeps people lazy and comfortable in their lack. 


However, if you listen carefully to the stories of the wealthy and successful, they often made it from scratch. They embraced an abundance mentality and worked their a** off to make it happen! They figured out how to provide a solution to the masses, and the money started to flow towards them!


2. Edit Your Family Relationships

“Edit your family relationships” sounds funny, but it’s true. Our family members are the biggest factor that reinforces the scarcity mindset. Your parents will be the first ones to tell you to play it safe and not to take very big risks and so on. They do this out of love.


However, for you to succeed and start to attract success, you need to embrace the abundance mindset. To do this, you need to edit your family relationships. Editing your family relationships means identifying which family members have a scarcity mindset. Once you do, edit what you share with them. If you share with them your big goals, they will be the first to pull you down (The crab mentality).


3. Books

The more you learn, the more you earn. This saying might seem like a cliche. But, have a look at this:


Warren Buffet once said that the key to success is books. He mentioned that as you read the knowledge it sticks up like compound interest.


Bill Gates once said that he reads 50 books every year. 


In this episode, Caroline Mutoko talks about reading. She talks about her reading culture. 


My point is, entrepreneurs read books- plenty of them. What about you?


Note, being broke is a good thing. Embrace it. It when you’re broke that the entrepreneur in you in high gear. Devour books. Surround yourself with the sharks. Appreciate all the little things life has to offer. Keep grinding. 


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