The more you hold on to it, the more you lose!

The more you give, the more you receive!


Have you ever noticed that most of the people who donate or help other people are the people who’re endowed with resources? So, do you think they give because they have the resources, or they have the resources because they give?

So, today, I’ll review two podcasts. Actually, one is a podcast, and the other is a Youtube video. They’re both talking about the scarcity vs abundance mindset.

Youtube channel name: Project Life Mastery

Podcast name : Pooja Anand podcast

These two podcasts (I’ll refer to them as such) have invaluable insights on how these two mindsets affect us in life and business.


Here is a story narrated by Pooja on her podcast.

She tells of a story that happened in her university. She was in her first year when she started writing summary notes when revising for her exam. She would spend hours and hours studying for the exam. In the process, she would write the notes on a google doc. 


After the exam, she realized how helpful her google docs notes were helpful. That’s when it hit her, how much the notes would help other students as well. From that minute onwards, she decided to always share the google doc link with all the classmates so that they would also benefit from her summarized notes.


On the final exam in her last year of university, a couple of students came to her. They expressed how grateful they were because of how she always shared her summary notes.


TAKEAWAY: “Somebody getting an A from reading her notes didn’t take away her A.” She says.


So, my question is, how many of us reading this would be willing to share their notes with fellow students.


Luckily for me, I’m not a student” you might be thinking, right?


So, if you aren’t a student, would you be willing to help or give other people what you have voluntarily. Or would you feel like you don’t need to? Or you don’t owe them anything? Or, they will benefit from your hard work, and you don’t want that?


That’s what scarcity mentality is all about.


Project Life Mastery Podcast

According to Stefan from Project Life Mastery, scarcity mentality refers to a mindset that there are limited resources and opportunities. As such, you need to compete for the few resources available. Whereas, abundance mentality refers to the mindset that resources and opportunities are in plenty and one can easily get whatever they want in life.


Here are the differences between these two mindsets:


People who have a scarcity mindset live in fear and anxiety. They fear that the few resources will run out. One the other side, the people who operate from an abundance mentality approach live in bliss and happiness. They know that the resources are in plenty they can get whatever they want in life.


Scarcity driven people are afraid of investing in themselves for fear of losing the money. But, the abundant driven people are eager to invest in themselves since they understand that once they invest in themselves, they increase their ability to attract other resources.


Scarcity people live in pessimism and fear of competition while abundant people live in optimism. They view competition as opportunities to learn and collaborate with.


Scarcity driven individuals fear losing people in their life and therefore become clingy in relationships. On the other hand, abundant driven people understand that people come and go — those who remain in your life are meant to be.


People who operate out of scarcity have a massive fear of losing their time and money. However, the one who operates out of abundance understands that failure is part of life. They embrace failure since they know that failure is a teacher. They’re optimistic, but they actually look forward to failing as it will give them new insights on how to do whatever they’re doing better.


When you live off scarcity, you will always fear to share and give. But, when you switch to living off abundance, you will start to view giving as an opportunity to empower other people and making room for more.


Scarcity driven people are always competing while abundant driven people are always finding ways to empower and collaborate.


Listen to the podcast and get to hear about all the differences between these two mindsets.


Identify which mindset you’ve been operating from and see where you can improve.


The world and life operate in abundance. There are more resources and opportunities than there are people. It is, therefore, imperative to learn how you can start to attract all the resources there are in life.


Improve your mindset so that you can become a magnet for opportunities and success.  


As a parting thought, I must admit that as much as I have been operating from an abundant mentality, I have so much work to do on myself to really exude the abundant mindset so that I can attract all that life has to offer.


I challenge you to do the same.

Remember: A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.