“We are sorry, but you’re not fit for this position.”


Me: “Pheweeeks. Thank God.” 


That was me feeling good that I had been declined by for a big copywriting gig I had applied.  


Who does that?


Who feels relief after being rejected?


Answer: The ‘me’ who was struggling with imposter syndrome.


Imposter Syndrome is the negative inner voice telling you that you’re not good enough or competent enough. It convinces you that you’re way over your head and no one will ever recognize your efforts. No one will ever buy from you. 


 Do you remember that evil voice?


You see, I had been struggling with imposter syndrome for quite some time. And I always thought I wasn’t good enough. I always thought that my English wasn’t perfect enough. This was despite the many English writing courses I had taken and all the blogs I read to improve my writing and persuasion skills.


Today, I came across a podcast I think would benefit anyone who might be struggling with imposter syndrome just like I was.


We will dissect a podcast by one of my favourite couple Jill and Josh Stanton of the Screw The Nine To Five. These guys are brilliant! And their chemistry is…..#couplegoals


Who are Jill and Josh Stanton?

In the podcast, they interview a sensational guest named Heather Gray.

Who is Heather Gray?


Here are the tips to overcome imposter syndrome by Heather Gray

  1. Start with what you’re comfortable with

When you start putting yourself out there, you don’t have to dive into the deep end. You can start with the shallow end. Meaning, feel free to start with the area or niche you’re most comfortable with.


If you look at the metamorphosis of most online entrepreneurs, they most likely evolved from particular niches. For example, Jill and Josh started as affiliate marketers. That is a field they were most comfortable with.


Likewise, start with what you enjoy the most. You’ll find it easy to put out content in that area than any other. It’s easier to fight the imposter syndrome when you’re speaking or writing content in a niche you’re an expert in, or you enjoy.


  1. Accept yourself and don’t fear to expose your vulnerabilities

Most people suffer from imposter syndrome because they fear their ‘weak points’ or vulnerabilities will be exposed to their audience. They think their vulnerabilities will repel their target market.

On the contrary, when you share your vulnerabilities, you might repel a few people — good riddance to them. But at the same time, you will attract an audience that resonates with you. This audience will become your raving fans because they deeply relate with you. It will be easier to convert this audience to subscribers and buyers since they already love the authentic you.


  1. As a business owner understand that sales are non-negotiable

When you decided to start a business, you involuntarily decided to sell. And, to make sales, you have no option than to put yourself out there. With this understanding, you know that you have no choice other than working on yourself to overcome the imposter syndrome and make sales.


This episode is loaded with so many insights for online entrepreneurs. I will put the link to the episode at the end of this article, and you can go check it out and hear from the horse’s mouth.