Today, I listened to episode 114 on James Wedmore podcast, namely ‘Mind Your Business.’ The podcast is LOADED with golden insights.  It challenged my way of thinking and inspired me to adopt a new way of thinking.


Who is James Wedmore:


In this 1 hour-long episode, James interviews Jim Fortin, a high-performance expert.

Who Is Jim Fortin:

  • An expert in subconscious transformation 
  • The creator of Transform your life from the inside out podcast
  • The creator of Neuro-Linguistic Persuasion based on Neurolinguistic and Behavioural Science


Here are some of the highlights of the podcast.



  1. It’s Impossible to Change Your Mindset (to most people)

BOOM! I know you must be cringing your face and looking at me angrily asking-what do I mean? 


I get you. I felt the same way too.


According to Jim, no matter how many books or blogs you read about mindset, you will never successfully change your mindset. They will help you understand you need to change your mindset, but none of the hacks and tips they’ll give you will be effective in helping you change your mindset.


You: Why?


Because, most of the self-help resources available today, advocate for working only on the surface instead of working from the inside to change the mindset.


You: What does that even mean?


Me: Read on, you’ll understand.


2. The Logical Levels

Logical levels

(Logical levels image courtesy of Assured Excellence)

If you have a goal, for example, if you want to lose weight, what would be your first step? My best guess would be, gathering all the willpower to start working out the following day.


This is what most of us do, which is the wrong place to start.


Most of us start at the behaviour level of the neurological triangle.  Often, when you do this, the behaviour contradicts your beliefs and identity. Therefore, you only do it for a few days and later go back to your norm.


This is the reason why most of us try out so many new behaviours only for us to fall back. Our beliefs, our capability and our identity are the foundation of behaviour.



3. We Do What We Are

So, to be successful in anything in life, we have to change our identity.


So, to start working out, we need to align working out into our belief system and our identity.


You: How the hell do I do that?


Me: Listen


Step 1: Ask yourself, what is it in me (my identity) that has made me get to this point in life (being fat, broke, etc.)?


 This question will help you get more in-depth answers that are in line with your beliefs and identity.


Possibly, you’re not a consistent person. Or, you don’t care about what you eat, etc.


Step 2: Remember, most people start from DOING to HAVE. I need to DO X to HAVE Z. Instead, you need to BE to HAVE.  


You need to BE what you want to create because what we will BE will affect how we DO, which will consequently affect the results we get.


Most of the things you struggle with today are because of your identity. They’re because of the person you are; Your BEING.


4. You Are Where Your Attention Is

Where is your attention today?


When most of us are broke, our attention is on being broke. So, you remain being…


When we are struggling with weight, your attention is mostly on weight. So, you remain being…


Instead, if you want to improve in life, focus your attention on what you want; not what you don’t want.  Your life is a reflection of where you mostly focus your attention.


Jim Fortin to James: “ Have you ever noticed that the people who want money the most, have the least? Money doesn’t go to effort. Money flows toward conscious vibration.”

5. Your Environment Is a Reflection Of Your Subconscious

Have you ever had that our subconscious determines how we behave? If you wonder how your subconscious looks like, look at your environment.


If you’re always broke, you have to interrogate who you are (your identity) that has made you broke.


Here is a formula to start changing in your subconscious:

Who would I be, what would I do and how would I feel if I already had—–


So, what’s your goal?


  • Who would you be if you attained your goal?
  • What would you do if you had already attained your goal?
  • How would you feel if you already attained your goal?

Let’s make this practical:

If you want to lose weight and build muscles by the end of the year:


  • Who would you be when you are already lean and ripped?


Possible Answers

  • Committed to working out
  • Love going to the gym
  • Have a community of regular workout buddies
  • Responsible for what you eat and when you eat it


  • What would you do?

Possible Answers

  • Working out daily
  • Going to the gym
  • Getting a community of people who love working out


  • How would you feel when you are lean and ripped?

Possible Answers

  • Great
  • Sexy
  • Attractive
  • Proud of yourself for working out consistently


Practice feeling these feelings intentionally. You have to work from the approach of ‘as if’ you already have what you want.

In conclusion:

I’d wish to transcribe every word from this podcast for you to read each nugget of knowledge shared in the 1-hour podcast. But, I wanted to write about what I felt resonated with me the most. I will put a link to the podcast at the bottom of the article. Enjoy. It’s fantastic.

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