[Image by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers and Zippy Courses]

So, today I was supposed to share the second article that was published on Thrive Global on LinkedIn.

But, I won’t.

If I do, it will create this perception of bliss and success. But, we all know, this is not the life of an entrepreneur or a writer for that matter.

I want to be real. Authentic. Not this BS all over the net.

You see, on Monday, I had my first post published on Thrive Global– a win!

On Tuesday, the second one was published. I was over-the-moon-excited!

But, on Wednesday, the tide changed…

I had made an application to a high-end copywriting agency. It took me over an hour to complete the application. When I’m excited about something, trust me-I go all in.

But, a few hours later I got an email saying, “we’re sorry, we’re not a fit.” Sad 🙁

I had also done a test email for another client to see whether they’d like my style of writing.

Later the day, I got a ” your style is too conversational- we’re not a fit” message. Disappointing!

Let me make one thing clear; I’m a damn good email copywriter. I don’t like blowing my trumpet-okay, maybe I do a little, but, I’m confident in my #emailcopywriting skills.

I’m the kind of copywriter who writes a pretty good email on the first draft and then change every sentence during the revision. I ask every word and every sentence-”do I convey the exact message I want the reader to get?”

As a Psychologist, I want every word out of my mouth, sorry-email to communicate specific information. I want every word, every sentence to trigger an emotion and inspire action.

But, still, the client wasn’t impressed with my ‘highly conversational’ style. His audience wanted a formal-I call it boring kind of communication.

So, another disappointment:(

The one that broke my heart was missing out on an opportunity I had been searching for, for some time.

You see, I believe in continuous growth and learning. Therefore, I have been looking for an opportunity to learn more about how to improve my mindset on money so that I can confidently sell my services to qualified high-end clients.

Secondly, I want to learn about marketing, client acquisition and setting up systems for my business.

I finally got the opportunity.

One of the coaches I follow is launching a course on precisely these two aspects: mindset and marketing.

But, she is a high-end coach and as such her services come at a cost. Sadly, my business can not afford the course at the moment.

It broke my heart!

Do, I skip my rent for the next six months and pay for this course, or do I hope that I can afford it next time.

You see, Robert Kiyosaki Insists that we should NEVER say, “I can not afford it”. Instead, we should ask- “how can I afford it”.

I’m still asking myself this question- “how can I afford it.”

I still don’t have an answer. 🙁

My point is, this is the life of an entrepreneur, a writer. Some days are good, some days are great and, some days are crappy. Yesterday was a crappy day for me.

But, you still have to push on.

There is this saying I heard from another coach I stalk on Facebook– ‘ Some Will, Some Won’t, So What!? Someone’s Waiting.”

Some leads will want your products or services; some will not be interested, so, don’t beat yourself over it. Someone is waiting for you and your skills. You need to be consistent in putting yourself out there.

Keep showing up!

Keep delivering pure gold to your clients!

Keep polishing up your skills!

Keep polishing your brand!

Keep on keeping at it!

Someone is waiting for you!