Do you use your email list to sell your services or products? If yes, then the following statements are for you.

  • The money you have in your account is a direct correlation of how many sales you’ve made.
  • The sales you’ve made are a direct correlation of the number of people who’ve responded to your emails- your engagement rate.
  • Your engagement rate is a direct correlation of the number of people who clicked through your emails to view your offer, learn about your services, book an appointment, order your products and so on.
  • Your delivery rate highly influences the number of emails that are opened- your open rate.


So, if this is true, then it’s a fact that your email open rate profoundly determines how much money you have in the bank. FACT!

The problem is, some of the emails you send never get to the recipients’ inbox folder. They land on the spam folder — a dark room where the sun never shines.


There are a variety of reasons why your emails might be going to the spam folder. From a copywriter’s point of view, here are nine ways you can improve your email deliverability. Note, these are strictly copywriting hacks to increase your deliverability.


1. Do not use misleading email subject lines.


Example: Emergency Office Meeting

When you use such an email subject line, you deceive the recipient to think that it’s an office related email. Only for them to open and find a sales email from God-knows-who.

The recipients feel cheated, deceived and taken for granted. Such a deceptive email subject line increases the chance for recipients reporting you as a spammer. Such reports decrease your deliverability and consequently your open rates.



2. Ask the recipient to ‘whitelist’ you

In the welcome email ask the subscribers to whitelist your email address. Whitelisting is listing your email address as safe. When the subscribers mark you as legitimate, it increases your reputation and also your deliverability.

As a marketer or a copywriter, don’t just ask them to whitelist you and assume that they’ll know how do go about it, make the process easier for them.

You can either give them a link with the instructions on how to whitelist an email, but you can also copy and paste the instructions on the email. It increases the chances that they’ll whitelist you.



3. Teach them to drag emails from the promotion tab to the primary tab

Sometimes emails land on the promotion tab. Most subscribers do not check this folder since it’s filled with sales and promotion emails from every e-commerce shop they’ve ever bought something.

You don’t want your emails here either as they will go unnoticed and unread.

Therefore, explain to them how they can drag the emails from the promotion tab to the primary tab. It will ensure that they’ll be receiving your emails on their primary tab.

4. Using spam trigger words

Email Service Providers are very keen on protecting the recipients against spammers. Therefore, they have spam filters that flag certain words and phrases.

Here are of some of the spam trigger words:



Limited offer






All these words and phrases that are associated with sales, if overused will see you marked as junk and sent into the dark room in the corner- the spam folder.

5. Write valuable content

Obvious? You might think so because you believe what you sell is valuable. But, value depends on the recipient.

An email about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency might not be valuable to a mom who is struggling with raising three kids. They might benefit much more from some parenting email or a stress management email.

So, you might have written the most beautiful email about cryptocurrency, but if you don’t know who you are sending it to, you risk being marked as spam.

So, understand your target market, analyze the engagement metrics so that you can segment your list.

6. Focus on engagement

When writing each email, have the reader in mind. Focus on having communication with them not just talking to them.

Therefore, talk about their fears, or their dreams, or their plans, or whatever makes them smile. Finally, provoke them to respond to you. Encourage them to respond and get to hear their story.

The more you increase the engagement, the more you can increase get to know about them and possibly offer them a solution to one of their challenges. Make a sale.

7. Use personalized emails

When sending email campaigns, it’s tempting to write an over generalized email. However, it’s the responsibility of the writer to connect with the reader.

Embedding a name of the recipient in the body of the email isn’t enough. It doesn’t make the email personal.

Or, do you think the recipient thinks that you know them by name? Nope, they know that ESPs have a way of embedding their name on the email.

So, go the extra mile. Talk to their emotions.


Think of a person as you write them the email. Visualize as you are talking with them as you write each sentence. See how their face lightens when you say something they can relate with. See them nod as they agree with you.  

If you can’t see your words talking with, not to, a single person as you write them you better delete the freaking email, take a cup of coffee and start anew.

8. Links to reputable domains

Sometimes you need to link to certain resourceful websites to give the reader more information. However, if you over-link the email, you risk being flagged as junk.

Also, ensure that you only link to reputable domains to avoid being penalized.

9. Monitor your text to image ratio

Would you send an email which is three-quarters filled with an image to a friend? Not unless you were sending them a photo of a car you wanted to buy and even then, you’d attach the image.

Images decrease your chances of landing on the primary tab of the email — most of the emails with an image land on the promotions tab.  


So, in conclusion, as you seek to increase your sales through email marketing, monitor your deliverability. Ensure that your copywriter understands the factors that can decrease your deliverability so that they can be on the lookout.

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