So, after going through my previous blogs, you are finally considering to embrace visualization techniques to help you actualize your goals, right?



Someone said that if you want to succeed, learn from the person who has already accomplished. Don’t ask me who said so- I don’t know. My mind might have created that one up.


Nevertheless, the statement holds a lot of water. Why struggle to become an artist when you can follow in the footsteps of one of your favorite artist and learn how they got where they are?


You see, copying isn’t always wrong. Actually, most of the things you see around were copied ideas that were excellently executed.


So, I have compiled a great list of some celebrities who’ve gone on record to confess that they use visualization to help them achieve success in their careers


Sadie Bjornsen

Sadie Bjornsen is in the United States Ski Team and competes in cross country skiing. According to her, the night before a race, she visualizes herself skiing and navigating the landscape and all the challenges seamlessly.  This exercise, she says, helps her nerves to cool down and get ready for the event.


Here is her YouTube explanation on how she does her visualization exercises.

2.  Jim Carrey

James Eugene Carrey is an actor, comedian, painter, musician, producer, and screenwriter.  He gained attention in the year 1990 on a TV Show, Sketch and he has gained more popularity since then.

According to Jim Carrey, when you visualize, and you start asking- “ when is it gonna come when it is gonna come?” you are doing it the wrong way. Instead, after visualizing, you should have a firm belief that you’ve already received.

3. Steve Harvey


Broderick Stephen Harvey is an American TV host, comedian, producer, actor, and radio personality.



He talks sincerely about the power of having a Vision Board.  We mentioned that a vision board is one of the visualization techniques. According to the YouTube video below, Steve talks of how he puts his visions for his future on his vision board.


4.  Oprah Winfrey


Oh yes! I said, Oprah.


Oprah too believes in the power of Attraction, Visualization and vision boards. She has given multiple interviews where she admitted to using visualization and manifestation to achieve success in her life.


5. Will Smith

Will Smith is a well-known American actor and producer who is well known for his role in multiple comic shows. One of my personal favorite movie by Will Smith is ‘Pursuit of Happyness’



6. Conor Macgregor

Conor Macgregor is an Irish mixed martial artist and boxer. He is the former  UFC featherweight and lightweight champion. Listen to him talking about how much he visualizes his success way before the success happens.



One thing is real: you can never achieve anything in life if your mindset isn’t right.  You have to get your mindset right for you to go after your goals and achieve success. Evidently, from the videos above, visualization is one of the most effective mind tools to help you get your mind right. Start today to practice visualization and don’t forget to put in the work. And, you will enjoy success when all the things you’ve been visualizing finally manifest.