In the last blog, we went over the definition of visualization and how it works. If you’ve not had the chance to read it, here it is. Read it before you continue.

This blog will look into the various types of visualization techniques that you can easily use in your daily life. These techniques will get your blood pumping. They will get you motivated to work your a** off. The methods will help you create a mental vibration that will attract the things that you want in your life.


Most of all, they will help you start to enjoy your life even before your goals are physically manifested.


However, before we get to the techniques, I have two bonus tips on how visualization works.


Two Bonus Points on How  and Why Visualization Works


1. The Brain Doesn’t Distinguish Between Real And Imagined


[Pic Courtesy of DAVID R HAMILTON Ph.D.]

The picture is a brain scan of a study of what happens in the brain when one is doing an action and when one is imagining doing the activity.


So, some participants were asked to play a specific sequence of a piano for five days. Their brain scans were taken in the regions that are connected with their finger muscles. The other participants were asked to imagine playing the same sequence of the piano for the same five days, and their brains scans were as well taken.


The above were the results.


Evidently, there is no significant difference.


The brain is excited in the same area and intensity when we are experiencing an event as well as when we imagine it. It doesn’t record a difference.


How does this relate to visualization and goal attainment?


When you visualize the attainment of goals and make it as vivid in your brain as it would be in reality, the mind is similarly excited. This exercise triggers the hormones associated with happiness,  excitement, and motivation. Like we mentioned in the previous blog, this experience gets you MOVING. It motivates the hustler in you to start grinding. It moves the entrepreneur in you to put in the work despite the challenges.


Your motivation to act makes it possible for you to realize the goal. It also creates the vibration that attracts success to you.  The unwavering Faith and belief that you have already achieved the goal and your determination as you put in the work ultimately result in the desired outcome.

2. Self Fulfilling Prophecy


There are numerous definitions to what self-fulfilling prophecy means, and I will give you some of them, and you can pick the one that you think resonates best with you:


A Sociologist called Robert Merton initially quoted the term, and he defined it as a false or deceptive definition of the situation or event  evoking a new behavior which makes the initial deception come true


Other definitions are:

Self Fulfilling Prophecy is a  belief or an expectation that one holds about a future event which manifests itself because one holds it.


A belief that comes true because we are acting as if it is already true.

My Definition is:

 An affirmation refers to when you believe something to be true so bad that it eventually becomes your truth. You start acting in an ‘as if’ way. As if it has already happened. You aren’t faking it because in your heart you know that it has already happened and eventually it manifests itself in reality. The manifestation, in fact, reinforces your belief system and your truth. And that my friend is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Okay, because I’m the one writing and you are the one reading let me explain my point further. Let’s take for example that you are set to give a speech or a presentation. As part of your preparation, you visualize yourself at the end of the speech and all the people are giving you a standing ovation as they clap. Their faces grinning with happiness. They are immensely impressed with your presentation, and when you give the mic back to the MC, they can’t stop giving your compliments for the impressive performance.


With this visualization, you hold the belief that you are a superb public speaker. As such, you start to have confidence in your skill. As you research, instead of Googling ‘Public Speaking Tips For Beginners’ you are searching for ‘Public Speaking Tips For The Gurus’. Your behaviors are consistent with your belief.


As a result, even when you are invited to give small presentation at your local meetup group, you do not hesitate. Why? You are a guru. You don’t have to worry about the short presentation.  In the process, you gain valuable skills.


Eventually, during the main event you give a killer speech, and at the end, everyone is standing up and applauding you for the speech and BOOM! Self-fulfilling prophecy has worked in your favor.


The Visualization Techniques You Can Easily Use In Your Daily Life


1. A Dream Board

Vision Board

Vision Board Courtesy of Mindvalley.

A dream board or a vision board is a physical representation of your goals and visions for the future. Having a dream board is one of the most popular visualization techniques. It helps to represent the mental images you have physically.


Visual stimuli are very useful in stimulating the brain. Therefore, it is advised to have a dream board and keep it somewhere you can see it frequently. Additionally, set some time apart to have a look at it, enjoy looking at the images and imagine how it will feel when you achieve the goals.

2. Affirmations


I’m beautifully and wonderfully made” is an excellent example of an affirmation.


An affirmation is a statement of assertion. Affirmations are used to help in reprogramming the subconscious mind. They are effective in changing a set of belief system and work within the Self-Fulfilling principle.


When coming up with affirmations, make sure that they are congruent with your goals. For example, if you aim to lose 20 pounds this year, some of the assertions you can write might be:


  • I love working out.
  • I love eating healthy food.
  • It’s enjoyable waking up early in the morning for a morning run.


Next, make it a habit of reciting these statements to yourself daily.  An excellent time to recite them would be when you wake up and preparing to go for the morning run.

3. Gratitude Journal


One of my mentors has been trying to tell me the benefits of having a gratitude journal for some months now. It was until recently that it hit me how important they are.  She attributes the success of her business to her gratitude journaling experience. So, be keen as we dive into what it entails.


A gratitude journal is basically what it sounds like- writing the things you are thankful for in your life. To ensure that it is useful, you should make it a habit of writing it daily.


It helps to reprogram your subconscious helping you to focus on the positive things in your life. This serves to improve your mood, motivation, and attitude towards life.


Here is a vlog from my favorite couple on Youtube [ The Wajesus Family]  talking about how a similar exercise on gratitude resulted in massive success in their lives.


In conclusion, visualization is one of the most useful tools taught by Psychologists, success coaches and motivational speakers as well.  However, visualizing alone will not get you the success you are looking for. You can not only imagine your goals and wait for them to happen as you sit on the couch and watch the latest TV show. YOU HAVE TO GRIND. You have to put in the work.


So, set goalsVisualize– Work like crazy- Visualize- Grind- Positive Affirmations- Grind- SUCCESS!