These are lessons learned from an e-book on landing pages by Leadpages and Copyhackers. The copy hackers team include Joanna Wiebe, Patti Haus, Angela Cho, and Amy Posner.


Landing pages are to a business owner what likes are to a social media influencer- you just can’t live without them.

You see, a landing page has a few critical roles in your business:

It can help increase the size of your email list.
Increase the traffic to your webinar or training.
Or get your products on the faces of potential customers
And so on.

Therefore, today we will get the lessons of coming up with a highly converting landing page from some of the powerhouses of designing the landing pages- leadpages together with copy hackers.

You ready?

Okay, let’s dive it.

Lesson 1: It’s Not About You- It’s About Your Target Leads.

When you are writing a landing page, remember you are not advertising yourself. This is not space for you to lay out your credentials and qualifications. Trust me, if we all did that, so many more people in your niche or industry might have more impressive credentials than yours.

Instead, connect with the reader.

Make it about them.

Your main aim… Scratch that!

Your only aim should be to help the reader identify with you. You should help them to see themselves in the copy.

Let’s look at an example:

Let’s assume a life coach is writing a landing page to sell a high-end coaching program.

“ With more than 15 years as an executive Life coach, I’ve  coached multiple entrepreneurs and helped them build 7-figure businesses, in the process I’ve gained immense knowledge and skills to replicate my services….”

Okay, it’s all good that you are highly skilled. But so is the other coach next door. In fact, she has coached the high and mighty in the society. So, what will you say to that?

Instead, focus on your target clients.

For example, we could say:

In my 15 years as a Life Coach, I’ve worked with multiple clients struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and other sabotaging mindsets. 95% of them have gone to build  7-figure businesses confidently.”

Now, the entrepreneurs who are reading and are struggling with limiting beliefs can identify with your copy. That way, they can quickly sign up for whatever you are offering since you are speaking directly to their emotions.

Lesson 2:  Understand Your Target Client

Just like in business, you should have a crystal clear picture of your ideal target client.

The main question to ask yourself is:

Q. What is the level of awareness of your target audience.

According to Copy Hackers, there are five levels of awareness.

1. Very Aware
2. Product-Aware
3. Solution-Aware
4. Pain Aware
5. Unaware Aware

Very Aware refers to the target audience who know about your brand and what services or products you offer.

Product-Aware refers to the ones who know that a product or service exists

Solution-Aware refers to the ones who know that a solution to their problem exists but do not know that you offer the solution.

Pain Aware are the ones who know that they have a problem but do not know there is a solution to their problem.

The Unaware have no sense of the pain they might be experiencing and also have no idea there is a solution to the pain.

So, Who are you targeting with your landing page?

Knowing who you are targeting will help you to curate each word to communicate to that person in their level of awareness.


Lesson 3: Communicate To Your Target Audience In Their Lingo

Now that you have a clear picture whom you are targeting and you know that the landing page is an opportunity for you to connect with them, how do you do it?

Speak to them in their language.

In NLP, there is a technique called matching and mirroring.

The techniques postulate that when we use the same words as the person, we are speaking to or with, we gain their rapport more easily and quickly.

So, on your landing page, use the words your audience are likely to use. This will help them identify with you more.

How do you know which words to use?

Answer: research.

Conduct surveys.  Research on social media. Hang out in their most favorite online space.


Lesson 4: Write The Landing Page To A One-Reader.

What does that even mean?

It means, after doing all that research about your target audience, do not write your landing page to a crowd. No. Instead, have the image of just one ideal reader and write it to them.

Make it personal.

Write from your heart to their heart.

Help the person see their current pain and struggles in the copy. Show them how your services will help them to move away from the pain, towards their desired destination where they can enjoy success and ‘avoid the pain’.

And, BOOM!

There you have it.

A converting landing page according to Leadpages and Copy Hackers.


In the last episode, I will be writing a landing page with you. I will be explaining each step along the way.  Stay tuned.

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