Disclaimer: This is the episode 2 of the landing pages series. I will make an effort not to repeat any of the lessons learned in episode 1. However, if I find a  new insight or approach to a point I had already discussed, I will input the insight on this episode. These are my lessons from CopyBlogger on how to write a converting landing page.

Some of the experts I have researched for this episode are:

Roberta Rosenberg

Jon Morrow

Brain Clark



5 Mistakes that Crush Conversion Rates

1. Writing a boring ass headline

You only have less than 8 seconds to capture the attention of the reader. The internet is full of shiny ads and cat videos that are optimized to get the attention of the same people you are targeting.

Always do a split test to check which of your headlines are more effective.

2. Using the same design as your site.


You see, your site is cluttered with links and information as you direct the visitor to different pages on your website.  If you do the same with the landing page, you can be damn sure to wake up to a disappointing conversion rate.


Like we mention in the first episode, the landing page has but one focus- to convert the lead. Not to direct them to some other page. Therefore, make the design very clean and the layout optimized to direct the lead to submit their details. Period.

3. Ignoring Basic Aesthetics


Okay, as much as the design of the landing page should be clean and uncluttered, do not forget the basic aesthetics.  Italicize the words that need to be italicized, highlight just what is necessary. Use clean bullet points. Use color appropriately.




Do not go all crazy with your creativity on the landing page. We do not want to see how good you are with fonts! We are not impressed by all the colors of the rainbow on your landing page- we can watch the rainbow for that.


Keep it Simple, Stupid- but also beautiful.


Again, split testing is your answer to what works best.


4. Don’t be Lazy


You see, it’s true that 80% of people don’t go beyond the fold on your landing page. Do you know what that means?


20% of the leads go beyond the fold!


They need more convincing. They want to learn more about you.


You just can’t ignore this number. Therefore, after you have put in all your efforts to make the visible section striking and attention-grabbing, do not ignore the other parts. Put just as much effort when you are writing the ‘beyond the fold’ part.



Lessons From Henneke on Landing Pages


You should always have a clear answer to the following questions before you start to write the landing page.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the value of your offer?
  • Why should they care?
  • Why not- what could hold them back?
  • What action do you want them to take?
  • Where are the visitors coming from?


Here is an invaluable PDF download that details these and more questions. It’s a checklist that will guide you as you think through every stage of writing the landing page.

Henneke Landing Pages Checklist


Lessons From Roberta Rosenberg on Landing Pages

1. Be clear about what you are selling


You know what product or services you are selling-but we don’t.  Therefore, you should help the reader understand whatever you are selling in the fastest and simplest way possible. Otherwise, they will just leave. And, you will be waking up to very high bounce rates every other day.

2. Always be clear about what pain you are helping your prospects  to solve


This should clearly appear in the headline. Once you nail the prospects pain you get their attention. You can also drive them along to showing them how your services or product will solve the pain.


Instead of:


Here is a Series of Blogs on How To Write Effective  Landing Pages.


For example:

Are You Feeling Like Your Landing Page is a Flop! Low Conversion?

3. Make your PROMISE pop!


What do I mean?


After connecting with them by stating their pain, tell them about your promise in a big dramatic way.


The promise should appear in a way that they can not miss it.


Instead of:


Here is a Series of Blogs on How To Write Effective  Landing Pages.


For example:

Are You Feeling Like Your Landing Page is a Flop! Low Conversion? These Five Landing Pages Learning Series Mined From Experts Like Neil Patel Will Help You Reverse That Today!


4. Your Subheadings Should Tell a Story on Their Own




So, how many blogs or pieces of content have you read today?


I mean, the blogs you’ve read from the first sentence to the last?


Just a few if any.


You see, people do not have the time or the patience to read all you’ve written. The information overload has made the brain to adapt from reading every piece in a content to skimming through the content for the tit-bits.


The headings and the subheadings guide the eyes of the reader on what to look at when skimming through your content.


Therefore, even when coming up with the landing page, make sure that your subheadings tell your story by themselves.


A good way to check if you’ve accomplished this is by reading the subheading without looking at the rest of the content.


Do they communicate the message you want the reader to get?


If yes-kudos!


If not or not sure- rewrite them.


5. Be clear whom you are addressing


Okay, maybe this should have been the first point.




Let’s address it here.


You see, I believe you have a crystal clear picture of who is your target audience.


Make sure that you communicate it in the copy. You want the landing page to get you as qualified leads as possible.


If you are a fitness coach targeting people who are not keen on exercising, you can not address them as:


Hey Fitness Enthusiasts.


No. They aren’t enthusiasts. If they were, they wouldn’t be interested in whatever you have to offer.




Hey ‘I will Start Exercising Tomorrow’ enthusiast.


Now, we are talking. These are the leads you want to opt-in so that you can tell them about your awesome exercising routines.

6. Always organize your copy into tight ‘Selling Blocks’


Have you ever landed on a landing page that gave you a headache within the first two seconds? Well, I have.


If your landing page has copy that doesn’t have a logical flow, is cluttered with different fonts and font sizes, has a million links and all that, you will have your bounce rates skyrocketing off the roof!!!


So, what should you do instead?


Organize the content in a logical flow that gets your readers to nod their head as they go like- “okay”, “ very true”, “ what next”, “ I could do with that” and so on.


How do you do that?


  • Have a strong headline that covers their pain and the promise
  • Have a subheading that complements the heading and/or highlights the benefits
  • List out the benefits of your services or products from the perspective of the reader
  • Address the likely objections the reader might have
  • Assert your authority using social proof and testimonials
  • Give them the sign-up form


Simple. Clear. Effective.



Here is an infographic by Copyblogger on the ABC of Landing pages.