I must take Psychology in the University!” Me having a monologue after reading ‘ Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” by Robert Cialdini approximately 10 years ago.


I was soo taken aback by the Psychological principles I read and i told myself I MUST take Psychology in the university. Note, I was just 18 years and just out of high-school.

If you know anything about my life in high-school, you’d know that taking a course in Psychology was the last thing anyone would have expected.

To give you just a sneak preview of my life in high-school- I got into so much trouble with teachers that I was suspended several times and eventually expelled from high-school. I got into peddling drugs and eventually into using them.

My first ‘Sh*t! What the eff am I doing’ moment was a time I had been sent home for a two-week suspension. I decided not to go home but, instead, stay at a friend’s place- a barber I barely knew. At midnight, three of his friends came over. He asked me to go to sleep since he wanted to talk to his friends.

Johnie, aliuliwa Nairobi, na Stuff ikaenda na Karao ‘John was killed in Nairobi and his gun was confiscated by the cops!’ I heard, just as I was getting to bed.

My legs became jelly.

My heart was racing more than my mind was.

What in hell had I gotten myself into?!?

Apparently, this was a group of petty thieves who were terrorizing people in town and sometimes in the big city when they wanted a big hunt!

Now you see how lost I was?

Yeah, that is why most of my family members and friends couldn’t believe I was taking Counseling Psychology in the campus.

But, I was determined to help as many teenagers and youths not to ever go through what I went through. I wanted to be a signpost at the junction showing them which path led to a better life and which path led to where I once was.

…Fast Forward to today…

I mentor teens and the youth.

But, not as active as I used to a few years ago.

Why not?

Because I got another ‘Aha- moment.’

After empowering the youths as a counselor, a life coach, and a mentor, I finally discovered that I’m also suppressing another BIG passion in my life-entrepreneurship.

I read many books including the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki and one thing, in particular, stuck in me.

As an entrepreneur, I need to ensure that I impact a million lives if not more!

Oh-boy Oh-boy! How do I do that when I can only take in just a few clients and training gigs per month?

That is when I discovered that my side hustle-writing could be the solution to merging my passions.

Want to know how I merged the two using writing and made it possible to impact a million lives?

I’m a Psychologist and a copywriter. I remotely work with other Psychologists, mental health experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs who sell info-products on self-development. I support them to scale their businesses, get more clients/buyers and impact more lives.

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I have just finished a project whereby I was writing a sales funnel for a self-help book by Mara Karpel– a renowned Psychologist. Her book has been a best seller, and my gratification is to get millions to get her book through the sales funnel.

Just like that, I get to impact a million lives in one project.

I now use my knowledge in Psychology and Neuro-linguistic Programming to support other like-minded entrepreneurs.

I might be just a cog in their business but, I cog impacting millions of lives. That gratifies me much more than anything else.

I still do one on one mentoring!

I still do training for the youths.

I still practice my skills in real life.

But, my joy is sitting down behind my laptop and getting to curate content that will be read by thousands of people from all over the globe and motivate them to take action and improve their lives.

I was that lost kid in high-school hanging out with just the wrong kind of people. Today, I run a successful online business, working from the comfort of my home and helping other people improve their lives.

You can do it too. No matter the life you are living today!

Figure out your passion in life. Follow it relentlessly. If it changes along the way, don’t fight it-adapt. Don’t just dream-wake up and do!