I'm Bonniey Josef- A Psychologist and an Email copywriter [The Email Psychologist]


I write content that educates, entertains, and converts readers to followers/ subscribers or buyers.


I tap into the emotions of the readers and get them to KNOW you, LIKE your message and TRUST your brand. 


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Hello! I Work with B2B Coaches & self-development entrepreneurs helping them nail their email marketing game.

 Here is a little about me.

I’m married to a beautiful lady, called Tesh Mwende. She is a freelance Finance Writer. Meaning we both work at home- how awesome can it get!

I have a beautiful daughter called Natasha. She keeps me grinding! It’s funny how these little ones can motivate you.

And, I’m a TV Shows addict. ” I can’t wait for Game of Thrones Sn 9, can you?”

Email Copywriting

I’m a Psychologist and copywriter with extensive experience in writing content that educates, entertains, and converts readers to followers/ subscribers or buyers.

I tap into the emotions of the readers, use the words to get into their subjective world and move them to the desired ACTION!

Persuasion is my craft! Writing is the medium I use to persuade. 

I help small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their sales by improving their email marketing strategies. I help them come up with targeted emails to create a better relationship with their email list and eventually persuade the email subscribers to becomes buyers and clients.

I also support the efforts of the marketing department come up with content for their websites and social media sites. As a Psychologist, I develop content that is targeted to hook human emotions. My objective is to motivate the readers to TAKE ACTION immediately after reading the content.

Lastly, I can conduct an audit on your sales funnel and give you a report on where you can optimize it for maximum results.

In short, I support you to make your business more marketable through content and email marketing.

Landing PAGES
  • Convert More Subscribers!


  • Increase your Email List!


  • Nature more Leads!


  • Get More Buyers!


You can do all these with an optimized landing page!


Work with a Psychologist who can curate each word to speak directly to your target customers emotions.


I can also help you audit why your landing pages are not converting to their optimum!


Let make your landing pages work for you when you sleep- or at least when you build other facets of your business!

Automate your money making system!

I will help you create a money-making machine – A sales Funnel!

In the meantime, read this series on how to come up with a converting landing page.

Episode 1: Lessons From Neil Patel

Episode 2: Lessons From Copyblogger

Episode 3:Lessons From Leadpages & Copy Hackers

Sales Copy

Imagine waking up to a number of emails from clients requesting for your products or services?


How good would that feel?


You can achieve this by coming up with a targeted sales copy.


Let me help you come up with a sales copy that lets your customers see you as their bride from their current ‘need’ situation to their desired ‘happy&fullfilled’ situation.



Content Writing

Content is still King- No matter who says what!


Have content on your web page helps your followers to see the value you provide. They’ll start to see you as an authority. They’ll start to like you.


The next thing you know- they have subscribed to your email list.


Next- they are sharing your content across their social media sites.


Boom! Visibility


Boom! More Traffic!


Boom! More Subscribers!


Boom! More sales!



Contact Me-a Psychologist who can curate content that subconsciously addicts your readers.


Boniface is a great addition to my team. He was a content manager for one of my sites. He was responsible for the overall content creation process. This included writing outlines, assigning to writers, managing writers, following up, coordinating with other team members like editors, designer, and publisher.
In parallel, he was also writing SOPs and updating old ones to make our system scalable at high quality. He was assigned a difficult niche. He picked up the topic details within a few weeks and started becoming an asset to my business. I would highly recommend him for a content manager position in any niche. Boniface is a quick learner

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